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The Cranes Call

Directed and filmed by

Laura Warner

Produced by

Evan Williams


Martin Kayser-Landwehr

The Cranes Call is the heart-pounding story of a mission to secure accountability for the mass atrocities occurring in Ukraine.

In this real time crime thriller set in a warzone, director Laura Warner embeds with war crimes investigator Anya Neistat and her team as they track down a group of survivors bold enough to take a stand against their families.

Working with the Clooney Foundation for Justice, led by Amal and George Clooney, Anya joins forces with Solomiia Stasiv, a young Ukranian woman just entering the field after witnessing the brutal invasion of her homeland. Together, they document evidence of human rights abusers in the fight to bring Russian commanders and soldiers to rial, and justice to the Ukranian people.  

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Siobhan Sinnerton, Amy Flanagan, Johnny Webb 

Production Executive: Cherry Dorrett 

Production Manager: Alex Cavalier 

Production Secretary: Michaela Whittle 

Composer: Walter Mair 

Consultant Editor: Andy R. Worboys 

In the Shadow of Beirut

Co-directed by

Stephen Gerard Kelly and Garry Keane


Brendan J. Byrne

Co-produced by

Myriam Sassine, Christian Beetz and Alison Toomey

In the Shadow of Beirut is a searing, cinematic portrait of modern-day Lebanon as seen through the eyes of four families living in the impoverished Sabra and Shatila neighbourhoods of the city.

Filmed over four years with unique access to the families within these largely no-go areas. In the Shadow of Beirut is marked by a deep intimacy with its subjects and a bold cinematic style, driven by emotive character-lead storytelling. Co-Director Stephen Gerard Kelly built up his relationship with the families at the centre of the film over a six-year period.

Produced by Belfast-based Cyprus Avenue Films. Co-produced by Beirut’s Abbout Productions, Republic of Ireland based Real Films and Berlin-based Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion. In association with HiddenLight.

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Siobhan Sinnerton, Johnny Webb 

Music : David Holmes & Tim Harries 

Editor: Iseult Howlett 

In the Shadow of Beirut



Directed, Produced and Written by

Alison Millar


Jackie Doyle

Assistant Producers

Orlaith MacIntyre and Sam Howard

An emotive, intimate, feature-length portrait of Lyra Mckee – the remarkable young journalist murdered in Northern Ireland in 2019 after a life fearlessly committed to truth and justice.

The story is told through her own work and words. Made by her close friend, BAFTA award winning documentarian Alison Millar. Award winning editor, Chloe Lambourne interweaves past and present archive to allow audiences intimately into Lyra’s world.

Produced by Erica Starling Productions for Channel 4, in association with HiddenLight, TG4 and Northern Ireland Screen.

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Siobhan Sinnerton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton 

Production Co-ordinator: Paul Howard 

Cinematographer: Mark McCauley 

Music: David Holmes 

Editor: Chloe Lambourne 


In Her Hands

Co-directed by

Tamana Ayazi and Marcel Mettelsiefen

Produced by

Juan Camilo Cruz and Jonathan Schaerf

Line Producer

Cherry Dorrett

Emmy Award winning film, In Her Hands, tells the story of Zarifa Ghafari, who at 26 became Afghanistan’s first female mayor and the youngest to ever hold the position.

The film documents her fight for survival against the backdrop of her country’s accelerated unravelling. As Western forces announce their retreat and the Taliban start their sweep back to power, Zarifa and women across the country face a new reality. Amid these tectonic changes, Zarifa must make the most difficult decision of her life.

Co-produced by HiddenLight, Propagate, and Moondogs.

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Siobhan Sinnerton, Johnny Webb, Roma Khanna 

Music: Michael Kadelbach 

Editing: Stephen Ellis ACE, Philipp Gromov and Inés Boffi 

In Her Hands

How Saba Kept Singing

Directed, Produced and Written by

Sara Taksler

Senior Producer

Karen M. Sughrue

Production Manager

Victor Couto

How Saba Kept Singing traces a remarkable journey revealing a touching firsthand account of how Saba, a Polish Jewish teenager, survived nearly three years in the camp. It illuminates his past as he travels with his grandson to Poland to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. The story is also brought to life through dynamic animation and David and Avi Wisnia’s music.

This film tells an uplifting story about faith, family and the power of discovery, proving love can grow and take hold in even the grimmest of places.

Produced by Retro Report, in association HiddenLight and Burnt Umber Productions.

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Johnny Webb, Siobhan Sinnerton 

Director of Photography: Wael Gzoly 

Original music: Jacob Shea and Bleeding Fingers Music 

Editor: Jackie Soriano 

How Saba Kept Singing


Directed by

Anna Chai, MJ Delaney, Amber Fares, Sally Freeman, Yu Gu, Joie Jacoby, Arlene Nelson and Cynthia Wade

Executive Producers

Johnny Webb, Siobhan Sinnerton, Roma Khanna, Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver and Anna Chai 

Based on The New York Times bestselling book, “Gutsy Women,” the eight-part series features intimate conversations with trailblazing women including Kim Kardashian, Meghan Thee Stallion, Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and many more.

The docuseries follows Hillary and Chelsea as they embark on a thought-provoking journey to speak with pioneering women artists, activists, community leaders and everyday heroes who show us what it truly means to be gutsy.

Produced by HiddenLight, in association with Left/Right LLC.

Executive Producers for HiddenLight: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Johnny Webb, Siobhan Sinnerton and Roma Khanna 

Produced by: Kevin Vargas and Claire Featherstone 

Executive in Charge of Production: Kyle Stratton 

Consulting Producers: Huma Abedin and Bari Lurie 

Editors: Jennifer McGarrity, Andrew Morreale, ACE, Sinead Kinnane, Beth K. Segal, Yeong-A Kim and Bobby Zeleny 

Director of Photography: Jeremy Leach 

Music by: Genevieve Vincent 

Music Supervisor: Robin Urdang 

Talent Producers: Melissa Chusid and Adrienne Elrod 


If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Directed by

Lauren Jacobs

Additional Director

Becky Mansell

Series Produced by

Emma Taylor

The series sees Patricia in conversation with some of the world’s most inspirational women as they reveal their “Just One Thing”; the single piece of advice that encapsulates the way that guest live their life, and offers some clues into how they have achieved their success.

Alongside Patricia is a star studded line-up of guests to speak candidly and openly on topical issues as identity, motherhood, success and fearlessness with the view to unlock the secrets and journey of self-discovery these inspirational women have been on. Based on the bestselling book of the same name, this series in-turn spotlights Patricia’s own personal journey from humble beginnings to making-it as a creator, being a mother and entrepreneur as she openly explores future career plans.

Produced by HiddenLight.

Executive Producers: Nick Betts, Johnny Webb 

Field Producers: CJ Henry and Frank Driver 

Production Executive: Cherry Dorrett 

Production Manager: Laety Ducom 

Production Co-ordinator: Leah McDonald 

Casting: Jill Morgan 

Directors of Photography: Pete Allibone and Harvey Glen 

Composer: Jaja Kisses 

Editors: Dan MacDonald, Joe Swanson and Paul Bussey 

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing